petak, 29. srpnja 2016.

Something NEW (deep and fresh) by Ieva Immertreija

In between our running 21. Century, where people forgot what they are and where they are coming from, there are artists that want to pay people attention to our begging, magic and beautiful side of life.

 In honor to every person who don't have a time to hear his inner voice or truly just spend a evening to eat slowly dinner in negotiation whit other person- costume designer, ex dancer and ballet studio owner Ieva Immertreija from Latvia found way to pay attention and remind to people and specially to woman (the beginning of all beginnings) that magic, freedom and unconditional love are living in every of us-  we need to keep this magic in our self any time and any place where we are going.

In several years which Ieva spend in normal this century working and living speed - she worked in Latvia National Opera as technical costume designer and other Opera houses around Europe. She were making costumes for ballets and operas and worked with a lot of  choreographers, producers and costume designers and beside work in theaters she have her own fashion line with beautiful lace dresses what are favorite equally for Scandinavian or Balkan country woman - she found that it's rather necessary to not lose connection with itself and some times it's necessary to step outside real life. 

 This is second year Ieva are coming to Dubrovnik Summerfestival and working with some projects. Near by all other projects this year she got opportunity in corporation with young and talented Dubrovnik photographer Doris Raguž, who are just 24 year old fashion photographer, but did a lot in this industry, make photo shoot in magic island Locrume with Ievas created dresses.

Young artists in this project show woman inner beauty and pay attention to nature around us.
"We where happy to meat each other and work together, because we had one vision of story we want to tell to the World. Locrume was the best choice for this project. Place where hundreds of rabbits are running around feet and peacocks are screaming in beautiful sunset recalls to us Fairy and Pixie land where magics can happen, where are no time to rush, where every person can feel unconditional love, every woman can be gorgeous as she are- wearing Fairy dresses and Pixie crowns!!" said Ieva and Doris.

Hope you like it guys! :))

Dresses by Ieva Immertreija
Photo: Doris Raguž YOU CAN FIND HER HERE :)
Models: Nina Raguž and Domenica Zuvela
Location: Locrum island, Dubrovnik

nedjelja, 22. studenoga 2015.

+ Cold sunday +

Ništa posebno nemam da vam kažem danas, jednostavno uživajte u životu. Nadam se da vam se sviđa look iako nije baš primjeren vremenskoj prognozi (čekam snijeg i dalje).

I have nothing special to say today, just enjoy your life. And hope you like this look even it is not for this weather outside (still waiting for snow).

jacket: New Yorker
pants/skirt: New Yorker
blouse: H&M
necklace: H&M
shoes: local shop

nedjelja, 27. rujna 2015.

hello autumn

Hey guys! I am so happy, happy, happy because autumn come. My favorite season of the year. Now we can wear leather jackets and sweaters every day and that's make me happy. Do you like my outfit and what is your favorite season? :)

Bok ljudi! Ne mogu vam opisati riječima koliko sam sretna jer je jesen napokon došla. Moje najdraže godišnje doba svakako. Sad možemo nositi kožne jakne i pulovere, a da se ne kuhamo, jeej. Je li vam se sviđa ovaj outfit i koje je vaše najdraže godišnje doba? :)

and this last pic is kinda weird, but okay

subota, 12. rujna 2015.

Simply Saturday

 Hey guys! Sorry for not being active some time. I will post every week just one post, because I do not have enough time. For today I choose this simply outfit. Sneackers, ripped jeans and tshir are all that I need. Probably could wear it every day ;)
What do you guys think about this look?

Bok ljudi! Ispričavam se što nisam bila aktivna, ali nažalost objavljivat ću svaki tjedan po jedan post, jer mi vrijeme ne dozvoljava više tj. nemam više vremena (bar sad). Danas biram ovaj jednostavan look. Patike, poderane hlače i obična majica su sve što trebam. Vjerovatno bih to mogla nositi svaki dan. ;)
Što vi mislite o ovom outfitu?


četvrtak, 3. rujna 2015.



I do not know about you, but for me holidays left so fast. September is here too. That is mean just one thing - SCHOOL starts in just few days. So, this post will be BACK TO SCHOOL outfit #1. For 1st day of school I choose casual clothes with Pink shadows ( wich normally I am not fan ). I hope that pink can rise my happines because this is my last year in high school. And it also have to be good year with good grades. If you like my outfit for 1st day of school or If you want to change something, just comment me, please!


Bok ljudi!

Ne znam za vas, ali meni su ljetni praznici prošli prebrzo, pa i sama činjenica da je 9. mj već ovdje. To može značit samo jedno - ŠKOLA počinje za par dana. Stoga tema ovog posta bit će BACK TO SCHOOL outfit #1 . Za prvi dan škole odlučila sam se za casual stil s naglaskom na PINK boju ( što inače nisam veliki fan pink boje). Smatram da će mi roza boja bar malo popravit raspoloženje jer preda mnom je zadnja godina srednje škole. Nadam se da će biti uspješna i dobra, kao što bi i rezultati na kraju godine trebali biti. Ako vam se sviđa moj look za prvi dan škole ili ako bi vi nešto promijenili, dodali slobodno komentirajte.

Pants: DIY
Shoes: Adidas Superstar
Shirt: H&M
Schoolbag: Local store
Blazer: Local store
Sunglasses: E-bay